DressàP is a brand new clothing line combining prêt-à-porter and tailor made

We love beautiful things, we believe in artisan work and think that every dress is meant to define the personality of the woman who’s going to wear it, telling her story and style.

We’ve created a combination of prêt-à-porter and tailor made, offering the exlusive Italian sartorial knowledge with an accessible price.

Are you looking for a ready-to-wear garment? With DressàP you can choose yours in the most up-to-date prêt-à-porter collections and find right away the dress of your dreams!

Why give up the pleasure to personalize your outfit, to really make it your own? If you’ve ever dreamed of playing with colours, shapes and details of an outfit, DRESSàP can make your dreams come true!

The hem of a skirt, that lace collar you always desired or every other glamour final touch: our sartorial lab and our creativity are here for you, to fit every need in your own dress, with your style and personality.

We also create made-to-measure clothes, starting from…a blank sheet.

We’ll design a dress just for you, for a special occasion or to enhance your every day beauty.

We’ll wrap your favourite fabrics on you, creating a unique garment that will give refinement and personality to your look.

Made-to-measure or prêt-à-porter? DRESSàP is always the answer!

Dress�p di Orfane Trenta


Unitre San Maurizio Canavese offre corsi e attività culturali aperti ad ogni età

Via Gramsci 7 Torino Piemonte 10100

Email: info@dressap.com