DressàP is 100% Made in Italy.

We love Italy and we believe in the excellence of Italian sartorial tradition: this is why we chose to be totally Made in Italy.

Fabric, design and tailoring, every DRESSàP garment is created in Italy, with a short supply chain, guaranteeing people’s respect and enviromental conservation.

Everything begins in our atelier in Torino, the headquarter where ideas are born, suggestions and sketches are the seed of our creations.

The second stage of our trip goes through Biella, Como and Bologna, the areas where wool, silks, cottons and all the other fabrics we use come from.

Season after season, we visit the factories, we touch, choose and buy to come back to Torino with high quality fabrics.

The prêt-à-porter design is a figment of Stella’s immagination and creativity, who has developed a DRESSàP “trade-mark”: clear lines for clothing with an strong personality, but still with a dreamy and romantic essence.

For personalized items [qui andrà aggiunto il link al tool per la personalizzazione, quando sarà pronto] or tailor made garments [link a] we put all our competence to use in your desires: in our atelier every request becomes your sketch, ready to head to the tailor lab.

All garments are madi in Torino, in a lab where several young women work with the competences and skills of the best artisan tradition.

This is how a DRESSàP clothing item is made, thanks to the passion and dedication of people who love what they do and know how to do it.

Are you looking for quality and beauty Made in Italy? The answer is DressàP!

Dress�p di Orfane Trenta


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