DressàP is an idea of Stella and Carla:

Two different and complementary women, who love thier job and believe that the best things are powered with real passion.

Stella designs all DRESSàP clothing lines. Born in 1989, she graduated from Politecnico of Milano. Despite her young age, her fashion vision has a strong international approach. Stella gets her Know-how from several experiences over the national border. London, Paris, Berlin and Chicago are all in her drawing sheets, giving life to energetic creations with a unique young twist. About her works she says: “Always be up-to-date and curious is the way to have the best ideas: with no research there’s no personality. Fashion can’t just be an aesthetic matter

Carla is the founder of OrfaneTrenta, the clothing brand which gave life to DRESSàP. Graduated in History of Art at Uniersità of Torino, she’s in love with colours and shapes, very keen on details. Her passion guided her through the world of jewellery: she created her firt bijoux at the age of 15 and never stopped ever since to work with metals and stones, fabrics and precious materials. About her works she says: “Colours can interpret the structure of our soul and tell the story of who we are to anyone willing to listen”.

Stella and Carla are the heart and soul of DRESSàP. An all female prêt-à-porter and tailor made.

Dress�p di Orfane Trenta


Unitre San Maurizio Canavese offre corsi e attività culturali aperti ad ogni età

Via Gramsci 7 Torino Piemonte 10100

Email: info@dressap.com